CASA Volunteer champions commit to 12 months of service. However the average volunteer has a 40 month tenure with CASA, often taking on subsequent cases once one has successfully closed. Additionally, we are committed to a thorough vetting process that yields engaged and passionate advocates. Requirements include:

  • Being at least 21 years of age
  • Reviewing and submitting our application form
  • Successfully completing a background check, including a Pennsylvania State Police check, FBI fingerprint check, and Child Abuse clearance
  • Interviewing with Team CASA
  • Submitting three references
  • Completing a minimum of 35 hours of initial training
  • Signing a confidentiality agreement
  • Taking an oath in court agreeing to abide by the laws and policies relating to CASA
  • Fulfilling the process and responsibilities outlined in What I Can Expect

If you are under 21, have a felony conviction or history of perpetrating child abuse/assault/neglect or have a potentially conflicted past or present relationship with Children & Youth Services that would be likely to create a conflict or compromise the advocate's role, you are not eligible for CASA service

Our Volunteers

Learn what it's like to be a CASA volunteer champion from some of your Delaware Valley neighbors and consider filling out an application. You can download a PDF application, but we strongly encourage you to apply online.

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