Each of the following training sessions is required.  If you cannot attend portions of the training, please let us know as soon as possible.

Daytime Group: Thursdays, 10am-1pm

3/1/18 (Thursday) The CASA Volunteer Role

3/8/18 (Thursday) The Well-Being of a Child

3/15/18  (Thursday) Trauma, Resilience & Communication Skills

3/22/18 (Thursday) Mental Health, Poverty & Professional Communication 

3/29/18 (Thursday) Substance Abuse & Cultural Competence   

4/5/18 (Thursday) Domestic Violence & Cultural Competence

4/12/18 (Thursday) Educational Advocacy, Older Youth and LGBTQ Youth

4/19/18 (Thursday) Wrapping Up & Optima Database

4/25/18 – 6 to 9 pm for both classes (Wednesday) Volunteer Panel


Evening Group: Mondays & Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm

3/19/18 (Monday) The CASA Volunteer Role

3/21/18 (Wednesday) The Well-Being of a Child

3/28/18 (Wednesday) Trauma, Resilience & Communication Skills

4/2/18 (Monday) Mental Health, Poverty & Professional Communication

 4/4/18 (Wednesday) Substance Abuse & Cultural Competence

4/11/18 (Wednesday) Domestic Violence & Cultural Competence

4/16/18 (Monday) Educational Advocacy, Older Youth and LGBTQ Youth

4/18/18 (Wednesday) Wrapping Up & Optima Database

4/25/18 – 6 to 9 pm for both classes (Wednesday) Volunteer Panel

*In addition to the above dates, the training requires several hours of court observation, which must be completed on a Monday or Tuesday morning (9am-12 noon).  You will be provided with several dates from which to select.

**Each class also includes several hours of reading/homework that must be completed in advance of the next training.

**All trainings will occur at the CASA office in Media, PA.

Please note that completion of training does not guarantee acceptance as a CASA volunteer.

Our Volunteers

Learn what it's like to be a CASA volunteer champion from some of your Delaware Valley neighbors and consider filling out an application. You can download a PDF application, but we strongly encourage you to apply online.

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