Who we are

Who We Are

We are a coalition of human service, government, business, faith-based, philanthropic, education and individual advocates in Delaware County.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives and well-being of children by strengthening families and the systems that support them in Delaware County.

Our Vision

All children in Delaware County will benefit from robust resources, responsive services and advocacy, and seamless interagency learning and coordination.

Guiding Principles

  • Community: Our community drives our priorities, goals, and strategies.
  • Collaboration: Strong connections, coordination, and partnerships are the foundations of our work.
  • Equity: We work to ensure that all children have access to the opportunities, networks, resources and supports that they need to enjoy healthy childhoods.
  • Systems Change: We believe the best way to achieve long-term improved outcomes for children and families is to improve the way systems work, which includes a stronger focus on prevention.
  • Trust: We believe in each other and in our collective potential to achieve positive change.