Your monies have immediate, straight-line impact on our work. Each dollar provided by individual donors goes directly to championing more youths, empowering us to impact their education, their health, their future and our community as a whole. Specifically, that means we can add volunteer champions to our roster. When we add volunteer champions, we also expand our internal team to maintain the proper ratio of support to volunteers while ensuring the championship quality of our advocacy. We seek to add significantly more volunteers in 2018.

Get a deeper, more detailed sense for how your monies impact both youths and volunteers by exploring their stories.

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Championing one youth? Think breakfast at the diner.

Breakfast at one of our locally treasured diners is about how much it costs CASA to champion a single youth each day. That’s right, $8 per day will cover the costs of a CASA Volunteer Advocate Champion. Transform the future of a youth in the system.

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