CASA is deeply committed to corporate partnerships that create a win-win relationship for your business in ways that can be customized to overarching corporate responsibility and marketing objectives. We have more than 2,000 followers through our email and social media presence representing some of the Delaware Valley’s most attractive demographics who support companies that support us.

How can you initiate a partnership proposal with us? Here’s a basic structure to get you thinking:

  • You have an idea around how you want to initiate or augment a cause marketing and corporate responsibility strategy and see our organization as aligned with your brand and trajectory.
  • We talk about that idea in a way that works for both of us. We usually appreciate a percentage of proceeds of sales, visibility that links us to you, access to new donor populations and/or one-time donations.
  • In return, we provide access via our email newsletter and social media channels tied to a specific initiative and we’ll give you visibility on our website.

Let’s chat and explore a way to work together. 

Championing one youth? Think breakfast at the diner.

Breakfast at one of our locally treasured diners is about how much it costs CASA to champion a single youth each day. That’s right, $8 per day will cover the costs of a CASA Volunteer Advocate Champion. Transform the future of a youth in the system.

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