Stand with us.
Say I am for the child with your resources and partnership. 

When You Become a Donor Champion, You Make A Direct Difference in a Young Person’s Life – and Your Own. 

Perhaps you’ve read about the depth and scope of our impact and the dedication of our volunteer champions. However, did you realize that we only serve as many youths as our annual funding allows? And on average, funding a volunteer costs $3,000 per young person or sibling group.

So where are we currently in terms of numbers of youths served? There are approximately 1000 children per year eligible for CASA service in Delaware County and approximately 250 per year in Chester County.  In 2017, we served 168 Delaware County children and 39 Chester County children with 106 volunteers.  We want to bridge the gap, but we understand that we have to scale intelligently and have established a goal for 2018 and beyond. You do the math, and just remember that for $8 a day, the life of a child can be changed forever.

To that end, we welcome all donations of all sizes. Every one makes a big difference. We make it easy, too: Donate Now! 

We also actively seek partnerships with corporations throughout the region to champion our cause while providing visibility and awareness opportunities both at our gala events and throughout the year. Email us to start a dialogue.

Championing one youth? Think breakfast at the diner.

Breakfast at one of our locally treasured diners is about how much it costs CASA to champion a single youth each day. That’s right, $8 per day will cover the costs of a CASA Volunteer Advocate Champion. Transform the future of a youth in the system.

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