impact children

Impact begins the moment we’re empowered to advocate for the most imperiled youths across Delaware and Chester counties. It can last for a lifetime. 

CASA is for Children on a Case-By-Case Basis

Our outcomes tell the story: young people in the child welfare system get more help and spend less time in foster care when championed by CASA. They get the support services they need to manage this precarious time in their lives and are less likely to bounce from home to home. As a result, with a CASA champion, children and youths do better in school while they pursue a positive vision of their future.

Our impact is so great because we are solely focused on the young people we champion. We are for the child. Our volunteers are assigned one youth or sibling group at a time, usually from the most complex cases. They build relationships with these young people and gauge their life situation in order to advocate on their behalf. To learn more about how this works, visit Volunteers.

The level of personal attention we give our young people often makes our volunteers the first or only adults they can trust and gives us a unique window into their context. As a result, we are respected by the court. Our reporting is recognized as thorough and contextually most accurate. That’s why our recommendations are so routinely adopted by the court. 

Beyond the ultimate outcomes we seek for youths, CASA makes a direct impact on young people and the community in three critical ways:

We impact health.

Of the children entering foster care:

  • 50% have chronic physical conditions such as asthma, anemia, vision or hearing loss or neurological disorders
  • 10% have medically complex conditions
  • 35% have dental or oral health problems

We make sure young people get the health care, nutrition and health education they need to begin thriving physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids with a CASA volunteer are healthier. In turn, we impact public health throughout the community,

We impact education.

Often, those in the child welfare system are dogged by poor academic performance. Many times they are under- or over-served by special education resources. Furthermore, suspension and expulsion rates are also high among school-aged members of this population.

We are empowered to oversee and make critical decisions regarding the children and youths we champion. They perform exponentially better in school with fewer behavioral issues than young people without us.

We impact the community.

Each year, CASA volunteers provide over $200,000 in donated services, reducing state and county foster care costs.

Furthermore, it means that our young citizenry in the system throughout Delaware and Chester Counties are given a chance they need to grow up strong, secure and safe.

2019 Impact Report

Download the 2019 CASA Impact Report. This report details the statistics and stories about our children and volunteers, telling a tale that gives us hope and nourishes us for the work that lies ahead.

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